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Notice from Hale Park - Fireworks 23rd July

Two of our local NHS doctors are holding their wedding reception on Friday 23rd at Hale Park and there will be a fireworks display of around four minutes. The exact time is yet to be decided but likely to be around 9.30-10.30pm. It is set to music and whereas there are no particularly loud bangs planned, I write to alert you in case there are animals likely to be spooked. The firing location is entirely within the private gardens at Hale Park as is the viewing location. Ash from the containers will fall in an unoccupied field. There are no buildings within the safety zone or the exclusion zone. The display is organised by Pains Fireworks and a comprehensive risk assessment is in place. There is both public liability and products liability indemnification. There will be no opportunity for members of the public to view this or be in any danger unless they are trespassing. We will have marshals on debris and ash duty looking out for stray animals though.

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