Council Meetings

Council Meetings


When is the next meeting?

Council meetings are held monthly (save for August), usually on the first Tuesday.
Parishioners are encouraged to attend. Items for the agenda at the meeting must be sent to The Clerk at least 7 days before.The meeting of Hale Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 1st February at 7pm, to be held in Hale Village Hall.


The agenda for the meeting can be viewed here

The minutes from the last meeting can be viewed here

Conduct of Parish Council Meetings

Members of the public have a right to attend Council meetings to observe and record the Parish Council in the fulfilment of its duties, but these are not public meetings. There is no automatic entitlement for the public to speak. Through its standing orders and in the interests of full transparency and public engagement, HPC allows Members of the public to:-

"make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda". (HPC Standing Orders 2015; 3.(e))

HPC encourages genuine political debate but is determined that all discussion and any such representations must be made in a polite and respectful manner. All members must treat others with respect. The Chairman has reminded all Councillors of the relevant Code of Conduct and the Guidance provided on the same by Standards for England and politely requests that all attendees to the Parish Council meeting honour the same standards of behaviour. In particular:

"Ideas and policies may be robustly criticised but individuals should not be subject to unreasonable or excessive personal attack. This particularly applied to dealing with the public and officers". (SfE May '07 Guidance Para 3.1)


The Council will consider requests from the public to make representations after the minutes of the previous meeting have been considered. Representations will be heard at the beginning of the consideration of the relevant item on the agenda.

Members of the public are reminded that they may submit representations to the Parish Council at any time by post or email to the Parish Clerk and these will be considered (anonymously) by the Council in the monthly meeting as Correspondence

Extracts from Hale Parish Council Standing Orders, 2015

  • "2 (a) No person shall obstruct the transaction of business at a meeting or behave offensively or improperly. If this standing order is ignored, the chairman of the meeting shall request such person(s) to moderate or improve their conduct.

  • 2(b) If person(s) disregard the request of the chairman of the meeting to moderate or improve their conduct, any councillor or the chairman of the meeting may move that the person be no longer heard or excluded from the meeting. The motion, if seconded, shall be put to the vote without discussion.

  • 2(c) If a resolution made under standing order 2(b) above is ignored, the chairman of the meeting may take further reasonable steps to restore order or to progress the meeting. This may include temporarily suspending or closing the meeting.

  • 3(e) Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda.

  • 3(f) The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting in accordance with standing order 3(e) above shall not exceed 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting.

  • 3(g) Subject to standing order 3(f) above, a member of the public shall not speak for more than 5 minutes.