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Forestry England Works at Turf Hill and Millersford

There is currently much forestry work occurring in areas of the New Forest at Turf Hill and Millersford which has led to comment by local people. Forestry England updated the Parish Council with the following information -

The next phase of heathland restoration is underway in and around Turf Hill and Millersford.

This is an important part of the journey of restoring this area back to open habitat, as part

of approved works within the Verderers’ Higher Level Stewardship agreement.

The completed work will allow the terrain to slope down, gradually changing from

one habitat type to the next, as we restore the grading from dry heath, through humid to wet

heath and then into the mire. The overall aim is to restore this former area of species-rich heathland, rare habitat for which the New Forest is designated, and recognised as an internationally important site for nature conservation.

Further information can be found on the New Forest higher Level Stewardship Scheme website

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