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I reinstated Hale Neighbourhood Watch in January 2008 after it had previously, effectively lapsed, and at that time it was set up with the approval and consent of the local police. For many years it was widely used by local people and had a good following from our local villages, Hale and Woodgreen. A number of sub-coordinators covering particular areas of the villages, are always able to help, a list of whom is available on request.

Neighbourhood Watch places large emphases on Neighbourhood and Local Community and is not here just for crime or crime related matters. It encompasses many aspects of what may be considerable cause for concern or worry for residents of our villages, especially the elderly or vulnerable, and can often be to do with a whole host of different issues. Examples include requiring advice or reassurance in case something is a scam, a missing person or pet, a suspicious letter in the post, an unusual phone-call, email, or even caller at the door regarding, say, new windows, burglar/personal alarms, or a "win" of some kind. Recipients of communications such as this can feel scared, overwhelmed or pressured, often being coerced into paying for, or signing, something which they later regret. Indeed, what may perhaps seem trivial to some people may be important to an elderly person so talking directly to Neighbourhood Watch on the telephone can seem less official and less daunting than reporting to the police.

It is essential to have a good working relationship with the police both on an official level and a social one. Therefore, a good communicational relationship with the Local Police Teams needs to be re-built and maintained. It is important that most matters are reported to 101, either by telephone or online, because this is the only way that police can be aware of dubious incidents that take place in our local areas, and be able to keep accurate statistical records. I can report to 101 on behalf of anyone who doesn't feel confident enough to do this themselves and are not sure what to do or how to go about it, or if they do not have a computer/online access,

In addition to Neighbourhood Watch, the local online Social Media hub, Nextdoor, is another good and useful way of putting information out there that we need to be aware of. It is widely used and works very well. You may be interested to know that Nextdoor has now established a Hale & Woodgreen Neighbourhood Watch Group which is available for local residents to "join" and thus share anything of concern relating to our community. Please be aware that due to Data Protection & Privacy Regulations, local police request that any information being displayed on Nextdoor does not give full address or personal contact details of any person, and that only partial (not full) car number registration numbers are given. Please therefore take this into account when sharing information.

Sharon Barnett

Hale Main Co-ordinator Sharon Barnett 01725513335

Woodgreen Main Co-ordinator Kevin Hunt 01725 512818 mobile: 07768 765780

Hale Area Co-ordinators

Hatchet Close Georgina Babey 01725 514480

Hale Purlieu Doug and Sally Gemmell 01725 513283

Lodge Drove Val Le May Neville-Parry 01725 511931

Carters Close, Hatchet Green

Frances Maynard 01725 512275

Tethering Drove, Forest Road West(Oaklands to Pine Lodge)

Jacqui Hartas Deputy Main Co-ordinator for Hale

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