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NFDC Chairman's open letter to residents for Thank You Day, 4 July 2021

I write this open letter to all those among our 170,000+ residents who have in some way helped their neighbours during these difficult times to say a simple and heartfelt thank you on this national Thank You Day (Sunday 4 July )

As Chairman of New Forest District Council, I am well aware of the tremendous care and support given by so many and how much it means to those who receive it.

During my year I expect to meet many organisations and individuals who have done exceptional work for others and I will, of course thank them personally.

Being a friend, giving mental health support, practical care, offering assistance, sharing information, be it in community groups or as individuals, the care and compassion for each other makes me proud of our district and I know that we will carry on working together for the good of this special place we are lucky enough to call home.

So thank you, today and every day.

Cllr Derek Tipp, Chairman #ThankYouDay

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