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Warm Spaces

New Forest District Council (NFDC) has set up a specific grant scheme where local groups and organisations can apply for one-off funding to offer a warm welcoming space this winter.

Ryan Stevens, service manager at NFDC, said, “These are being referred to nationally as ‘warm spaces’ or ‘warm banks’, and we know that there are already places in our community who run sessions and activities. The idea of our funding is to support a safe place where people can go to get warm, access food, chat over a hot drink, or learn about support available to them. If local groups want to set up sessions or activities, or want to put on existing activities for longer, or more frequently, then we want to hear from them as this funding could help them do that.”

Grants of between £200 - £1,000 are available by completing an online form at . Applications will be assessed taking into account the community reach and impact and will also consider the spaces already identified by our partner organisations to ensure we support a spread of warm spaces across the district. Cllr Edward Heron, NFDC Leader said, “Services across the council are working with our many partners as part of a cost of living group to build on the range of support available. This includes promoting what we are doing, what help there is from other organisations we are working with, and providing advice and information on a variety of topics such as food, claiming benefits and energy.”

The council’s website has information on cost of living support at

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