What was behind your hedge?

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part in the Behind the Hedge challenge.

Congratulations to everyone who produced such wonderful creations as part of the Behind the Hedge competition in Hale and Woodgreen run by the Hale and Woodgreen Support Group. There were some brilliant ones – so clever and creative. We also know that all ages took part, which is great. In total there were 60!

We awarded three adult prizes and these went to Ann and Bob Wanstall, who created two scarecrows in Woodgreen – the final one being Boadicea. The Sheppard family in Hale with Donald Trump. And Alan and Marie in Woodgreen with Wallace and Gromit made out of flower pots – very inventive! I will be delivering your prizes this week. Because we were given generous prize money by Hale Social Committee and Woodgreen Village Trust, we have been able to give a prize to all the children under 16 that were involved! So far that is 17 prizes, books and chocolate. If you think we’ve missed you, please do give me (Rev Nicky) a call on: 07931 413629. And finally, do look out for our next competition being launched soon…

From: The Woodgreen and Hale Support Group.

If your scarecrow isn't shown...send photo to this email.

See Salisbury Journal article here

If your scarecrow isn't shown...send photo to this email.

See Salisbury Journal article here

Hale & Woodgreen Support Group Contacts

Chris Fairgrieve : cfairgri@fastmail.fm - 01725.514490

Rob Hutchison rob.hutchinson@gmail.com - 01725.238172

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