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Hitting the Cold Spots service - the Environment Centre

Hitting the Cold Spots service

We believe it’s vital that everyone can afford to stay warm and well in their homes. Many people, especially in rural areas, may be at risk of fuel poverty which can lead to severe health impacts. This may be due to extra challenges such older homes with poor insulation, reduced access to services and having off-gas fuel supplies.

In preparation for the colder months, we ask you to refer or signpost vulnerable residents in your community, who may be elderly, on a low income or have chronic health conditions and disabilities, to us through our Freephone adviceline (0800 804 8601) or email for advice and support regarding;

  • Broken heating

  • Insulation

  • Saving money on energy bills

  • Funding for home improvements and energy discount opportunities

  • Staying warm and well in your home

This service is delivered by us at the Environment Centre (tEC) in partnership with Hampshire County Council.

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