Sources of help and advice

In this current situation there are many local sources of help, advice and support available.

Woodgreen Shop 01725 512467 - Please phone for information on home delivery.

Hale Newsagents 01725 510458 - Please phone for information on home delivery.

Hale and Woodgreen Support Group:

Church and Parish - Rev Nicky Davies 07931 413629

Church Parish Council - Sue Allpress 01725 512572

Community - Rob Hutchinson 07711 166523

Hale Parish Council - Jacqui Hartas 01725 510376

Age Concern Village Agent - 07776 595018

Age Concern Emergency Support Number 0800 328 7154

Corona info downloads here.

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Hale Parish Council. Hale, Fordingbridge, Hampshire.

Clerk of the Parish: Mrs Amanda Johnson

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