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Update from Hale Parish Council.

Hale Parish Council would like to thank everyone in the village for your diligence in observing social distancing and keeping yourselves and others safe.

The Hale and Woodgreen Support Group are also doing a fantastic job in co-ordinating neighbours to support those parishioners in need e.g. with shopping and collecting medicines and ensuring that every parishioner knows that help is available if required and no-one slips through the net.

Our location has put us in a favourable position regarding the pandemic, with this part of the country currently showing low cases of Covid-19. The social distancing that everyone has adhered to has sought to keep the numbers low and it is essential that we all stick to this to keep ourselves and our villages safe.

A reminder of local help available:

Local Deliveries and Support Services:

Woodgreen Shop 01725 512467 - Please email the shop at:

Hale Newsagents 01725 510458

Tesco and Sainsburys are now expanding their delivery services if you call their numbers and say you are vulnerable and self-isolating. You will need to persevere as the numbers are busy. Tesco 0800 917 7359 - Sainsburys 0800 636262

Bidfood in Downton are offering click and collect and delivery services of bulk catering products. You have to register on their website and it takes a few days for your log in details to arrive before you can order online.

Hale and Woodgreen Support Group:

Church and Parish - Rev Nicky Davies 07931 413629

Parish Council - Sue Allpress 01725 512572

Community - Rob Hutchinson 07711 166523

Hale Co-ordinator – Chris Fairgrieve 01725 514490

Hale Deputy Co-ordinator - Jacqui Hartas 01725 510376

Hale Parish Clerk – Amanda Johnson 01725 511636

Age Concern Village Agent – Roger Phillips - 07776 595018

Age Concern Emergency Support Number 0800 328 7154

Downton Link can support existing customers only

If there is anything you can’t get hold of, if you need medicines or food or help with your animals or pets, please get in touch and we’ll try to help. Contact clerk here.

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