Village support update • 15/05/20

How to cope after Covid.

A guide produced by CAMHS for parents of children, teens and those with special educational needs - looking at available resources and tips to deal with anxiety and uncertainty as social distancing rules change and we move towards a 'return to normal'.

How to cope after covid
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Be a safe volunteer

Volunteer guidance information sheet - a shorter/updated version of previous HCC guidance for safe volunteering

volunteer guidance- crib sheets - shorte
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Assistance to People with Sight Loss.

Guide Dogs have put together some suggestions about basic communication principles to consider when interacting with people with sight loss. It is intended to support those who are working or volunteering with blind and partially sighted people for the first time.


Activities for older people


Looking for activities for older people or those who have health issues/are less mobile? Chairobics might be the answer.


MS and Fibromyalgia Pilates video workout

You can try pilates with this NHS workout designed specially for people with MS, fibromyalgia, CFS and chronic pain.



Don't forget the Scarecrow Challenge!

The ‘Behind the Hedge’ challenge is intended to give all of Hale and Woodgreen the opportunity to have fun and use our initiative to create interesting ‘installations’ behind our hedges.There are no limits on the scope of the creations – have fun and be inventive.


Please follow current Government Guidelines including avoiding unnecessary journeys to buy materials and keeping all activities within your property boundaries.


The Challenge will be judged over the weekend 23 to 25 May 2020. If you are in a house away from the main roads and are concerned that your creation may not be seen by the judges, please contact one of the named people below. We will ensure your entry is viewed.


If you wish, you can submit photographs to the contacts below. After the challenge is completed, we will consider the best way to publicise the photographs.

Hale & Woodgreen Support Group Contacts

Chris Fairgrieve : - 01725.514490

Rob Hutchison - 01725.238172


More Covid advice found here.

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